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C2 Tactical - Phoenix

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C2 Tactical

Market Sector:

Tenant Interiors


Phoenix, AZ

Project Type:


Square Feet:




Venn Construction acted as Developer, Design Builder and General Contractor for this unique 26,000 SF Tenant Improvement project. These indoor shooting ranges are complex construction projects that contain everything from hi-end VIP areas with bar and restaurant amenity type finishes to the need to construct a complete “Building inside a Building”. Concrete footings, structural steel and solid grouted CMU walls with an added structural mezzanine to house the HVAC systems, fans and filter housings make up a majority of the shooting range. Venn also coordinated and installed $1,000,000 of the shooting range equipment within this buildout. Two of the aspects of this project that make these buildouts so unique are the HVAC systems for the actual shooting range and the special attention Venn spends to sound attenuation. Both of these elements are necessary for the safety of the shooters and the sound mitigation for the reminder of the retail and training areas within the C2 Space and to provide sound separation to our surrounding neighbors.